Void: An Aesthetic Expression | 無:一种美学的表达

28. juni15. juli


Norske Grafikere ønsker velkommen til utstillingen «Void: An Aesthetic Expression» der fem kunstnere fra Hubei i Kina viser sine arbeider: Fu Zhongwang, Wei Guangqing, Yuan Xiaoyu, Zhang Guanghui, og Zhang Lian.

Utstillingen er en del av et større samarbeid mellom kunstmuseet i Hubei og Norske Grafikere.


In March 2017, the «New Norwegian Woods – Printmaking Exchange Exhibition», co-sponsored by Hubei Museum of Art (HBMOA) and the Norwegian Printmaker’s Association, was successfully held at the Hubei Museum of Art. The exhibition was well received by the audience. The nearly 80 pieces of art work by 23 Norwegian artists represent the achievements of contemporary Norwegian printmaking, some of them boasting fine imageries and some of them bold expressions. Witnessing the wide range of various artistic expressions and technique, we understand that printmaking in Norway is a field that is robust and experimental.

In the spirit of friendship and exchange, HBMOA invited five artists from Hubei Province, Fu Zhongwang, Wei Guangqing, Yuan Xiaoyu, Zhang Guanghui, and Zhang Lian, to visit Oslo, Norway in June 2018 for further the geo-cultural communication. Their art works will be on exhibition at the Gallery of Norwegian Printmaker’s Association.

Void, the keyword of the exhibition signifies an aesthetic attitude of “non-egoism”, rendering a beautiful idea of art without boundaries. This philosophy that values void and nothing-ness, finds its origin in ancient Taoism thinkers, Laozi, Zhuangzi, cultivated by Taoist classics and eventually became a way of life. The five artists from Hubei, Fu Zhongwang, Wei Guangqing, Yuan Xiaofang, Zhang Guanghui, and Zhang Lian, are all leading artists in their own fields, working with different creative forms including sculptures, installations, oil paintings, new media, printmaking and drawings. They are widely represented in domestic and international exhibitions as important examples of contemporary Chinese art.

Over the years, HBMOA has always adhered to the principle of “Rooted in local culture, going out to the world, valuing history, focusing on the contemporary”. The institute provides professional exhibition spaces for artists, influential academic exchange platforms for theorists and critique, outstanding and representative exhibitions for the public. Hence HBMOA curated the “Void: An aesthetic expression—Exchange Exhibition of Hubei artists to Oslo, Norway”.

The exhibition aims to express the cultural confidence and cultural consciousness of Hubei artists in their breaking geographic boundaries. We do hope that the exhibition will serve as a bonding opportunity between Norwegian and Chinese artists.

Ji Shaofeng – Director, Hubei Museum of Art.